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A.D.E Analysis is a marketing company empowered by technology with experience of 
innovating the digital industry worldwide. We provide a full-service advertising schemes and proud to stand behind some of the industry’s most talked-about creative work. We don’t usually speak so highly of ourselves, but as you can guess- SEO is on the rise towards some of the top creative projects you will ever see. When we’re just being natural, we would say we help brands inventively connect with people, no matter in which means: TV, social, identity, 
strategy, technology, creative, media, digital, or any manner of sustainable brand. 

A.D.E was founded to meet the demands of the ever-evolving world of advertising.  
Our results-driven advertising solutions have been tested time and again. 
Using our team of experts, we constantly evolve and develop methods to create tailored campaigns that meet the dynamics of an ever shifting world. We focus on pursuing strategic, over the top goals and driving active users for our clients. In A.D.E, We believe that “every story's success is verifying adaption, modification and change reliably”.


About Us
Our Services




We get the whole team smart yet fast. Far from the traditional approaches, we bring all functions of the agency together at once.



Site & app design and development, cross-platform digital strategy, UI design, rapid prototyping, platform consultation & management, e-commerce, digital POS, SEO/SEM.



We improve campaign performance by using selected tools and then scale to maximize growth.

We start by analyzing our client's product. Next we develop a media strategy and plan. Finally, we create a comprehensive creative strategy.


Using our team of experts, we execute & handle creative campaigns across hand-selected channels. We track KPIs and user behavior in real-time, and create a full campaign transparency by utilizing proprietary dashboards.


​Self developed technologies, 3rd party integrate platforms and a professional and experienced team, gives us the ability to see the big picture and optimize to the client's aims every step of the supply chain and achieve outstanding results.


Media & Digital



We are Marketing 
powered by Technology

We love challenges
We want to be measured
100% performance, 0% excuses
Share your marketing goals with us and we will get you there. 
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